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Aquarian Wisdom - the original, KRI-approved source for everyday Yogi Bhajan quotes - was started 16 years ago. We are proud to offer our newest calendar!

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Yogi Bhajan

Embodying a rare combination of spiritual and down-to-earth practical wisdom, Yogi Bhajan was equally at home teaching and educating people in all walks of life.

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Since 1999, we have provided authentic original quotes from Yogi Bhajan for every day of the year!

Inspirational quotes, daily gems of wisdom about Kundalini Yoga, health, relationships, healthy living, Sikhism and much more.

Aquarian Wisdom has been the original source for everyday quotes from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan for 18 years. Our calendars are KRI-approved. Please click here for information about using our quotes. 

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Yogi Bhajan arrived in the United States in December of 1968, saying, “I have come to create teachers, not gather disciples.”  He was not a philosopher or a preacher, but a transmitter of the same mastery that he achieved. Throughout recorded history, a handful of spiritual giants have arisen as dynamic catalysts for the advancement of human consciousness. Such a teacher was Yogi Bhajan.

Aquarian Wisdom – Daily Inspirational Calendars are published each year with new quotes.This is our 16th year and the 2016 calendar is now available.