Yogi Bhajan aka The Siri Singh Sahib

Yogi Bhajan arrived in the United States in December of 1968, saying, “I have come to create teachers, not gather disciples.”  He was not a philosopher or a preacher, but a transmitter of the same mastery that he achieved. Throughout recorded history, a handful of spiritual giants have arisen as dynamic catalysts for the advancement of human consciousness. Such a teacher was Yogi Bhajan.

In the late 1960’s, the West was going through a revolution of consciousness. The young people of the time had a longing to touch Divinity. As their prayer went out to the Universe, an Indian Kundalini Yoga master named Harbhajan Singh Puri answered the call. This yoga master, who would come to be known as “Yogi Bhajan”, traveled to the West in 1968. For the first time in recorded history, he openly taught Kundalini Yoga – a very old and sacred science for awakening God-consciousness within the individual. He often said that he had come to the West “to create teachers, not to gain students.”

Yogi Bhajan was not only a master of Kundalini Yoga. He was also a Sikh. As thousands of people flocked to study yoga with him, a smaller group of his students became fascinated by the Sikh tradition. One by one, through his inspiration and example, they began to adopt the Sikh way of life – Sikh Dharma.

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